Willow Branch Farm

Also, a farm description: Willow Branch Farm is a newly started family farm with roots in Delhi. We are working to raise fresh produce, eggs, meat chickens, and beef cattle in a sustainable and responsible way to bring healthy food straight to your family from our farm.




Threads and Breads

Welcome to Threads and Breads! My name is Vonnie, sewing and baking extraordinaire! I currently sell delicious breads and cookies, and fun & fashionable items like reusable sandwich bags, burp cloths and bibs, tube scarves, aprons and more! I sell my items at local farmer’s markets, and food & craft shows around Cincinnati. 





Magic Awaits! Bringing a little magic to everything. Cruelty Free Real
Butterfly Jewelry and Shadow Boxes. Crocheted Mermaid Tails and so much more!





Sunburst Valley Alpacas

We’ve been raising alpacas for ten years now, and are excited to be bringing their fiber to market. For those who like to knit or crochet, we offer handspun yarns from the alpacas on our farm. Others may find our knitted and crochet items a better option as gifts for giving or keeping as a special treat for yourself. More adventurous types may like to try their hand at spinning, and for that we have loose fiber and drop spindles for purchase.

Besides fiber from our alpacas, we also have a nice flock of busy chickens which provides us with an abundance of eggs to bring to market. And we wouldn’t be complete coming to market with only eggs and fiber, but we have fresh snow peas, lettuce, spinach, blackberries (when they come in season), and tomatoes just to name a few of the goodies we have planted this season.




Author R. Barry Andrews

R. Barry Andrews spent twenty-one years as the Executive Director of Police Training Institute, Inc., a non-profit advanced law enforcement training organization. In the tradition of great police novel writers, his police fiction novels are gritty, raw and real . Note: Available at the June Markets


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Kathy's Knit-Knacks 'n' Snacks

Kathy's Knit-Knacks 'n' Snacks is a mother-daughter team offering handmade knit goods and delicious sweet treats! Kathy is the knitter and crafter, her specialties being knitted 100% cotton wash cloths and stamped tile coasters. Mary is the baker and loves to try out new recipes, but her favorite things to make are her iced sugar cookies. They're both very excited to be joining the Delhi Farmers' Market this year!





J and J Rose Production

J and J Rose Production sells great roses at great prices!

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Bijoux Mixtape

Creating has always been our passion.  From our early days of macaroni and glue to more grown-up mediums like resin and wire, we’ve always worshiped at the altar of Martha Stewart.  

As we refined our skills, we heard it frequently:  “That’s so cute/unique/lovely… where did you get it?”  When we responded that we created them ourselves, we started getting more requests from friends and family, and eventually strangers, to make similar pieces from them.  You can only have this conversation so many times before you think- “Hey! Maybe we should start selling our work on a larger scale!” For us, this time came in 2016 with the creation of Bijoux Mixtape.

Our original mission continues to be the same- creating quality, one of a kind, handmade jewelry that imparts a little bit of whimsy, lots of wonder, and inherent beauty into the world.  In addition to our jewelry line, we are in the process of expanding our mission to include home décor.  As we continue to create and fulfill our passion, we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with you!  

Molly & Dee

Bijoux Mixtape


Godsey Farms Heirloom Veggies

Longtime friends Clea & Laura grow mainly non-GMO heirloom vegetables from seed utilizing companion planting as a means of pest control.

Graduating from college in 2014, instead of getting a job with my degree, I decided to start a vegetable garden on our family farm. My curiosity of planting seeds started in 2010 when my son brought home a fundraiser catalog that I ended up buying seeds from. Every year after that I had a plot that increased in size. In 2014, it was 35X90ft finally ending up being 20,000sqft in 2015 & 2016. With so many vegetables, I learned how to can, researching from many sources and compiling all techniques in order to preserve food safely and efficiently. With all the extra jars I made Christmas baskets for family and friends. Finally beginning my career in 2016, that plot shrunk by half in 2017 in order to balence work life/farm life. Scientist by day, farmer by night.




Just Cake by TnT

My name is Trisha and I have been on a slow but meaningful learning experience as I am working on building my business, and working on my creations from home. I enjoy making cakes and desserts, and I love seeing customers, friends and family who enjoy the tastes of my creations. I am still learning a lot, and currently have a small number of regular customers that grows with every product I produce.

TnT is the team of this operation...Trisha and Thomas. Thomas is my husband, and he is my back bone and my main support. He encourages me every step of the way and even helps me with ideas. But, we are not the only team members...we have 4 children who will eventually learn to take part in the business.


Lorz Pup Treatz

Lorz Pup Treatz are all natural, organic gourmet dog treats. Made only with the highest quality all natural ingredients and are made with the care I would make my own dogs treats. 








Good Earth Good Eating

Good Earth Good Eating is a company born out of my passion for holistic health.  Simple ingredients from the earth have amazing affects in the body.  I love to educate, create and inspiring others to tap into the simplicity of health.  One of our new products for instance is Organic Elderberry Tea and it is known to naturally boost the immune system.  Most ingredients are organic and local when possible.  We also have other Herbal Teas, Simple Granola, Tooth Powder with charcoal, Organic Fruit Freezer Pops and many other simple snacks.  Come check us out and try a sample!


Sun Harvest Gardens

Sun Harvest Gardens is a small family farm in northern Hamilton County growing vegetables naturally for our local community. We use only natural inputs and organic methods and products to grow truly great tasting and nutritious vegetables! 

Scott J Kramer

Local teacher, Elder grad who has written seven novels. The Jane Monterrey Mystery series is set in Cincinnati, with locales that many would recognize and know. Also available is a fantasy series, The Territory Novels. This is book set is good for 5th grade on up that enjoy a little magic, mysterious creatures, and a little suspense.


The Funny Farm

The Funny Farm General store sells fresh-roasted-every-week whole bean and ground coffee, raw local honey, and an assortment of handmade, all-natural bath and body products.  Mornings are better on the Funny Farm!

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Skinny Piggy Kombucha

Every sip of Skinny Piggy Kombucha is a dance party full of live cultures. What could make them so happy? Maybe it’s the wonderful flavors from our premium tea blends. Maybe it’s our attention to detail when we brew. Or maybe they’re simply excited to help you feel great. Drink one every day and you’ll be dancing too!




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Kellee Adams

My son calls me "Mixed Up Mama" and that has become my unofficial business name. :) I make homemade dip and spice mixes, meat rubs, drink mixes. I also love to make jams and jellies, if I find a unique recipe or some really fantastic fruit, I may make some of those as well.